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Ex-EXAMINER Writer, Astrologist and Obsessing over Amanda Knox

Update; Liz Houle is no longer with the Examiner online and the online .com is no more.

EX-EXAMINER writer, Liz Houle, an “Astrologer” and apparent troll, continues to berate, demean and harass Amanda Knox with her outrageous articles.

Also podcasting as @TruecrimesPod with a little help from a kindergarten artist. Taking each chapter and thinking anyone but like minded, sociopathic, trolls will care.


Pt. 9: Amanda Knox’s Manipulative Memoir Chpt 5 https://t.co/C60MwfRmaX via @truecrimespod

So Liz needs 2 truecrimes accounts on SM to bombast Amanda Knox, a column in a tabloid, and now new twitter accounts to spam the world!


Domination is close, Liz.

She is the “Donald Trump” of Social Media.

And just as nasty…behind the astrology scam. 40$ and you can learn that planets move, and they have power, especially in retrograde.

Her recent post in “Examiner”, a tabloid no longer online, comparable to the “Sun” or “THE ENQUIRER” once again, focused on Amanda Knox.

I have memories of Bigfoot sightings, UFO close encounters, Batboy, Wolf boy,
Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich..all shiny and shockingly magnetic to conspiracy theorists in the grocery aisle, mostly read while waiting to checkout.

Liz Houle EX- “Examiner” belongs there.

I must give her credit for tenacity, the dedication, by a woman, who cannot leave Ms. Knox alone. I put on my tin foil hat, and listened. Not only is the voice flat and monotonous, I felt my eyelids closing and white noise. I woke later to realize, someone is a bit obsessed with this case.

Recently, the European Court of Human Rights accepted Ms. Knox’s submission
regarding her slander (calumny in Italy) charges.

What can the ECtHR do?

“The European Court of Human Rights can find that a state has violated its obligations under the European Convention of Human Rights. For the applicant, this entails the moral satisfaction that his right has finally been officially acknowledged”

The court determined that both she and Mr. Sollecito’s civil rights were definitively violated, leaving the door open for monetary compensation for Mr. Sollecito and Ms. Knox, by acknowledging wrong doing by the police and prosecutor.

During her coerced interrogation, sans lawyer, her human rights were violated. The case brought by the prosecutor is over. She’s been cleared of calumny in Italy and the ECtHR will hear her case regarding her “accusations” leading to the arrest of Patrick Lumumba.

The prosecutor and police misread a text, “see you later” to mean “we’re going to meet up and murder, rape and torture my roommate” from Ms. Knox when she was informed she did not need to work. Lamumba was her boss.

She had been “interrogated” in a way, that would remind you of the 1950’s America police’s illegal coercive tactics, with racial overtones mentioned by none other than the convicted murderer Rudy Guede.

I digress. This case has more “theories” than God.

Back to Ms. Houle’s latest and most outlandish article which starts about Public Relations and social media and ends of course, on Amanda Knox.

“The case of the murder of Meredith Kercher has been in the news for almost ten years. Most of the attention in the press has been on the two former murder suspects: Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Even after they beat their murder raps, the news continues as they both turn to sue Italy”

As much as I, a blogger would like to believe Ms. Houle’s articles, she isn’t correct or well versed with simple details regarding the time span!

7+ years, not 10, seems to pad up the lengthy period that the #AmandaKnox hash tag has endured such hate.

So, I’m curious if Ms. Houle’s articles represented ANY facts of this case?

Feasible is used quite a few times.
Anything is feasible.


“If something is feasible, then you can do it without too much difficulty. When someone asks “Is it feasible?” the person is asking if you’ll be able to get something done.

Feasible things are possible. If you have enough time, money, or energy to do something, it’s feasible. Something might be feasible at one time and then not feasible at another time. Because of technological advances and competition with the Russians, going to the moon was feasible for the United States in the sixties. Often, people disagree about what’s feasible, especially in politics, where how feasible a project is counts for a lot”

If you’re willing to deny facts of the case, and believe Ms. Houle, I tip my tin foil hat to you. All the “feasibles” she mentioned, would need to line up perfectly.

As rare as “the Moon being in the seventh House and Jupiter aligning with Mars”


And she writes about lies!

Flashes of the grassy knoll….fill my head!

She doesn’t mention the fellow who was tried and convicted Rudy Guede, but once.

He said he was there on a date, had been close to intercourse but alas, no condom. So he has to potty leaving the infamous DNA sample in plain sight. A bloody handprint, a Skype confession, a story of another man who found him at the crime scene “Black Man Found”. He discussed his “wet” pants as he danced after leaving Meredith Kercher either dying or dead.

He doesn’t mention either Mr. Sollecito or Ms. Knox.


Ms. Houle doesn’t mention that there was a semen sample found, yet untested for some reason or that a witness saw Ms. Knox at the time of the murder at Mr. Sollecito’s.

The article discusses “boyfriend jeans” and Mr. Sollecito’s fashion sense, leading into a jealous situation to once again, feasibly explain why Ms. Knox is guilty. She continues with Ms. Knox’s desire to learn Russian. This all points to her guilt if, you feasibly want it too.

An excerpt below from the mind of the Astrologer and obsessive fan, Ms. Houle;

“Raffaele had recently dashed into bed with one English-speaking flatmate, perhaps he felt he could have the same luck with the other. In addition, Amanda was not known for being easygoing or passive in her social interactions, so this must have created some jealousy or jealous rage in her. Perhaps it was something along the lines as Amanda herself had written in her own short stories.

It is feasible that Raffaele flirted with Meredith, probably in Italian as he spoke little English at the time. Meredith’s Italian was much more advanced than Amanda who was still learning the basics while Meredith absorbed university courses in Italian daily. What very well could have transpired was a back-and-forth rapid fire dialogue between Raffaele and Meredith in fluency which flew over Amanda’s head”

But this is the Examiner, an Astrologer, and obsessed Amanda Knox feasible expert.

Still, only one mention of Rudy Hermann Guede, who sits in an Italian Prison for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Almost as if he wasn’t important to this case.

On Rudy Guede;

“Two weeks later, a forensics lab reported the results of its examination of DNA evidence taken from the crime scene. The evidence didn’t point to Knox or Sollecito—it pointed to someone else: Rudy Guede, a friend of the Italian men who lived in the apartment below Knox’s and Kerchner’s apartment. Guede had been accused of several burglaries, but didn’t have any convictions on his record. He was immediately arrested in Germany, and admitted to being at the murder scene, but stated that he didn’t kill Kercher. He also stated that Knox and Sollecito were not involved”


Read The Boninsegna motivation report regarding Ms. Knox’s appeal on slander brought by the prosecutor and police.


Maybe the EXAMINER would be good reading in the Grocery line, but for well documented facts, find documents at injusticeinperugia.org or AmandaKnoxcase.com

just my opinion