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Wacky and Wild World of Amanda Knox TROLLS

Trolls, my first question, what is a troll?

The first trolls were known in the old AOL chat rooms, as SNERTS. The urban dictionary defines snerts:

“SNERT is an acronym for Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Twit. It was created in 1994 in the Guide Lounge on America Online, as we were not allowed to refer to members as twits, twerps, or the like. A pact was loosely made between those present that we wouldn’t tell members what it meant other than “a troublesome member”. The word went on to be defined in at least twenty different ways by members and eventually moved out into the online gaming world”

Sexually Nerdishly Expressive Recidivist Trolls

Sexually-frustrated Naive Egotistical Repulsive Twerp

Sexually Needy, Emotionally Repressed Troll

Sexually Nerdish Egotistical Rude Teenager (Note: One does NOT have to be a teenager to be a SNERT, only have the maturity level of a teen.)

Sexually-frustrated, Naive, Egocentric, Repulsive Teen

Snot Nosed Egocentric Retentative Turd

Stupid No good Evil Rotten TOS violator

Students Not Eagerly Receiving Teaching

Snot Nosed Egotistically Rude Teenagers

Sexually Needy, Emotionally Repressed Teenager

Snot Nosed Egotistical Raging Teen

In other words, a person with the intent on creating havoc within a group or toward another person, just because you can. I had to really think outside my comfort level, to understand the new phenomena of the “Troll”, which is a very special species.

Some are educated, maybe book smart, but common sense seems to be lacking as well as a moral compass. A few claim to be Mensa (I know, I know who isn’t on the internet) and most, are just plain old bonkers. There is some DSM number but, hey I am not even close to understanding them, let alone know exactly how insane they are.

The TV show “Catfish” actually took the online romance to the public, exposing exactly who may or may not be on the other end of that keyboard.

The Troll will say and do anything to get a reaction. One guy decided he was the SS (screen shot) king, bragged about having two 18GB hard drives of just SS. He would spend hours cropping and organizing to try and shame anyone who felt Amanda Knox was innocent. In the end, and after 8 years, she was found innocent, March 27,  2015.

I didn’t want to debate the case, that’s what lawyers and judges are for, and even if I questioned something, I was “spammed” with websites, stories and truly disgusting photos, memed or created to humiliate Amanda Knox.

I had a very difficult time following some of these people. They were not just mean, they had no code of ethics and their aim was against anyone that supported Knox, making false claims, or stating they were on meds or off meds, drunk or stoned.

Are these people acting for the “family” of the victim? I truly doubt they would condone these, being stoic Brits and all. But then, a lot of these trolls were UK based, I found out.

Another pastime for these couch crushers, are doxing or outing of supporters and taking photos from Facebook to shock or victimize others.

This was reoccurring and they seem very proud when they attack a person and pile on. There is a method to being a troll, and I found the mother lode.
The worst insult, in their opinions is using your first name.

The in-betweeners are just parrots, building up the egos of the “guilters”. 

One blogger has a rabid obsession for crime, one thinks he’s “God” and can cure brain damage, one tweets the photo of a murder victim, frozen in time, every night (do they have partners or even pets other than cats?), one writes teen novels, causes problems in her Mensa group and edits soft porn for another “writer” who’s used the crazy mensa lady  to edit his soft pornlike novellas.

Even one was a neurologist that choked his shrink, there is a couple that stalked a girl in Seattle, even dressing up to mock her on Halloween, and her husband who used to tweet about the case even though her worked at the same university, with no governor on his tweets. The list is the psychiatrists wet dream!

Mensa hater

Yes, this is a guilter that spends most of her days, in her 60’s on twitter, instead of writing her teen soft porn novellas.

This same individual edited a quick cut and past set of soft porn novellas by some South African He-Man, that wants to try his hand at writing, his photography career clicking pics of pretty man could be a bit boring, I guess.

One might think, sexually oppressed? I found a lot of these nasty tweets were cloaked in sexual overtones. Once, the guilters tried to make the case racist, in an attempt to attach themselves to “Black Lives Matter” group. The replies were priceless……one troll group meets an ever meaner one!

Did I mention the guy who uses the victim’s initial as his twitter handle and says a good night to a picture before sleeping, I think. (He may have been off to get a “Brains” beer, he often tweets he loves the pub) so one may question the truthfulness of most of his tweets.

And the obsessed blogger has nemesis’ and she seems to be highly disturbed, or just plain mean.

I read some of her blogs and she’s polite if you agree, but pretty nasty if you don’t, so the blog is basically a one sided opinion piece, not even constructed with facts.

She uses other people’s tweets or posts to make her point that Amanda Knox is commanding an Army of supporters that do her bidding and her step father and sisters are behind 100 twitter accounts. I exaggerated  about the 100 accounts, the rest is all on twitter to view. Who opened the door to the asylum and released the “Crackens”?

Most, use the poor girls picture as their avatar, to tweet their snertish nonsense to each other.

I would love to know exactly what the victim’s family thinks about this.

Does Caylee Anthony’s picture get used this way or Jon Benet Ramsey? Or is this more of the weirdness of the troll?

The have closed the cases, as well, for the McCann’s, Darlie Routier, Jodi Arias, Steven Avery and they use birthdays and use astrology to justify Knox’s guilt.

Twitter reminds me of the “Enquirer” before they had to tell the truth. Remember Bat Boy? Same thing, but more global and mean.

Nothing about this is entertainment.

One girl is dead and the decision was made. Why these guilters do not move on, lends more to psycopathy of the troll than to the actual case findings and lying comes too easy.

(I mentioned no partners or spouses may be common due to the amount of time these accounts spend on twitter, just hating on someone. It is a new world, I must say, and one I’m learning to maneuver)

Many of these are probably, just really opinionated people, but the social media platforms, simply make being mean and nasty too easy. Twitter, Reddit, Google + all have issues within the platforms regarding abuse, but this case has divided two complete sets of individuals.

And I, would not like to be on the bad side of the Amanda Knox trolls. Most, have little or nothing kind to say unless you agree with their alternate realities. I, am not going to become a twitter “TROLL”.

A list of the Amanda Knox trolls I found on the web

Now that I am a real “Twitter” user, I actually followed a political candidate the other day, I will have to investigate the common guilters that also use the #CaseyAnthony, #DarlieRoutier or even the troll blogger that has hateful words for anyone who questions her motives.

Navigating a hashtag or # has become quite easy and googling for twitter handles, a piece of cake. I have become infatuated with the melee called “twitter”