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 Amanda Knox Fake News 

I wrote last year about a crazy obsessed duo, who devote their time to the MOST BORING and ill informed podcasts on YouTube with crazy conspiracy theories about a decade old murder. 

Introducing “Astrologer” Liz Houle and “Author, Poet, Cyber Bully, Spinster”  Christina Giscombe.

There’s no real devotion to the victim Meredith Kercher, who was a young British student murdered by an Italian/Ivorian man named Rudy Guede. 

Nothing within these “podcasts” are either endearing or supportive for the family. 

I sense an adoration for Rudy. I’ve noticed both the “Howler” and her sidekick who calls herself “Vixen” tweets and tweets about all things Amanda Knox. 

They tweet with a jealous rage which one might think represents pent up sexual frustration or just jealous of the pretty Seattle girl with the blue eyes. 

 (If you should ask my opinion)

Considering these are hardly viewed on YouTube and discussed as loony on Social Media, does anyone take these two serious? My 8 year old can Photoshop better than this. 

Enter a caption

This story about denial of compensation regarding Raffaele Sollecito, seems to focus on lesbianism and Amanda Knox instead along with these brilliant photo shopped pieces of art. 

Both women behind these aberrations of free speech seem sexually frustrated and in need of some serious change in life. 

Day to day scheming, collaborating, dissecting the case and creating more #FakeNews just to bolster the misinformation presented in the videos seems oddly obsessive.

One lonely soul who is 68 or so, has attempted to pen a book. Her subject was so dry, but good God the cover was titilating and oozes lust.

Just look at his eyes and his body is naked (although this is set in some cold European country). 

The other woman is 60’ish, an astrologer and no longer, employed at the examiner. Her life must now be limited to the daily belittling of Amanda Knox.

She’s the howler in the title! One Liz Houle (Howler at the stars) 

Some sampling from truecrimespodcast Site and tweets..

Just to get a sense….

The ISIS story doesn’t connect Amanda Knox surprisingly. 

The Photoshop and the memes aren’t funny, nor do they make any real sense.  But do notice both Sollecito and Guede are in a dress, below 9-5. Another indicator of jealousy or misogyny and homophobia. So Amanda is an evil lesbian and Raffaele the evil cross dresser. Shameful bigotry and bully tactics are used throughout these podcasts. 

Contradicting is common and head swapping is as good as it gets.

Rudy Guede was found to have participated with others in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  This was confirmed by the Italian Supreme Court when they acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito”
Here the hens say acquitted and yet Liz Howling Houle and Krissy (Author Christina Giscombe) AKA Vixen continues to constantly attack Amanda Knox on twitter, in blogs and social media. 

Justice for Meredith, really? Shame really that the victim’s family is represented by two homophobic, sexist, mysognystic liars that really do obsess over a young American woman instead of the victim they so profess to care about.

Is this really a deep desire to get the “real story” or a desire for attention at the destruction of another? Another female at that.

Maybe the ladies are closeted gays and resent Amanda writing about prison romances because they are “nasty or ungodly”? I just don’t know.. 

Enter a caption

Here she talks about a lack of condoms and how Guede had a date. They described his murderous actions from a “new relationship” much to the chagrin and disgust of Kercher’s family. The duo excuses Guede for leaving their daughter to die alone and scared. 

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They just verified her twitter account. That changes the game, dearest Krissy and Liz! 

Be careful!