The Lies Of Rudy Guede


Recently, the convicted murderer of Meredith Kercher was given a very public and very loose based chance, to “finally tell his story”.

I think of listening to OJ Simpson getting air time to proclaim his version and innocence, as he also tried to dirty up the victim. Rudy, as well, has knowingly created a shitstorm with the warring factions on social media.
Amanda Knox suffers.

What a great Public Relation move for Rudy.


The Caporali family, Rudy’s wealthy adoptive mother exclaimed, “Rudy was an ‘ inveterate liar’ and ‘ lied to protect himself”

The versions of Rudy’s story have changed over time. Now, to the anger of Meredith Kercher’s family. as well as implicating Amanda Knox, who was definitively declared Not Guilty, Guede walks a fine line of fact/fiction.

Guede’s conflicting tales and DNA traces everwhere, handprint in blood and claims of “writing” in her blood are too much to imagine he was not responsible. He may have grabbed towels, may have a conscience but he left her dying went dancing and fled to Germany.

Seems he felt his “race” would be an issue with the locals.

Raffaele had warned Guede prior to the televised “interview” (of the low budget, tin foil hat wearing, smoky voiced female icon, heroine of “Cursed Stories” hosts and adored) of legal action, against his own legal team’s advice.
Amanda’s attorneys echoed the intent.

Of course, it’s Italy.

Where every crime is satanic or defined by oversexed imaginations of the old men.

Now, the haters have a new dilemma. Do they go along with the “Rudy Love Fest” or pick the parts that fit their rhetoric from his “Cursed Story”?

Did he insinuate that the victim was promiscuous and he couldn’t continue his “date” due to condoms and kebabs?
She was “active” more than he?

I don’t have any “I can’t take you serious” emojis

He wants us to believe that he stopped “petting” and went off to take a shit.
Guys, really? 10 minutes he says, IPod on high, he got very comfortable.

I’m sure the family was not pleased to hear him or know he’s got a Facebook page, dedicated to Rudy and a twitter account run by a center near the prison.

Of course these replies are not Guede, he’s serving more time for a break in prior to the murder. He’s not allowed to be on the social media platforms.
He’s very sympathetic, and this version is not going over well in regards to Meredith. Everything else, is food for the trolls.

Watch “Rudy Guede Skype November 19, 2007” on YouTube



“Guede said that he and Kercher had kissed and touched, but did not have sexual intercourse because they did not have condoms readily available. He claimed that he then developed stomach pains and crossed to the large bathroom on the other side of the apartment. Guede said he heard Kercher scream while he was in the bathroom and that upon emerging, he saw a shadowy figure holding a knife and standing over her as she lay bleeding on the floor. Guede said that the man fled while saying in perfect Italian, “Trovato negro, trovato colpevole; andiamo” (“Found black man, found culprit; let’s go”)”

“About ten minutes later Guede is sitting on the toilet listening to his IPod with the volume on Loud when he hears “very loud screams.”  The IPod was never recovered.  First he says that it is dark in the kitchen with “only the dim light was from Meredith’s room,” then he says the lights are on in the kitchen, though they “were off” when he went into the bathroom. He goes toward Meredith’s room with his pants down, as he didn’t have time to pull them up, and sees a “male figure” at the front door who “attacks him” and cuts his hand with a sharp knife “like a scalpel.”  He notes that the man was wearing a black Napapijri jacket, just like one Guede owed, and a white cap with red stripe.  Guede falls between the fridge and table, pants around his ankles, and uses a chair to defend himself like he did at the Tremontano robbery.  The Mystery Man runs away yelling that Guede would be “blamed.”  He yanks his pants up and goes to Filomena’s room to look out the window.  It is “too dark to see clearly,” but he sees a “girl running away.” (2007 Rudy Guede Skype call) (2007 Rudy Guede diary) (2008 Rudy Guede deposition) (2008 Micheli Motivation) (2009 Borsini Motivation)

It’s up to you to read, rationalize and compare the many lies of Rudy Guede.
Start here…



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